Sarcastic Gift Tags


Set of 10 handmade gift tags, each with a different funny quote on them, perfect for all year round! 

The tags are as follows: 
“Not a puppy... sorry” 
“If you don’t like it I’ll have it back”
“You needed new socks right?”
“I lost the receipt so you better love it”
“At least it’s not a gift card”
“At least pretend you like it”
“Got your “oh wow” face ready”
“Just so you know, you’re impossible to buy for”
“I didn’t wrap this, don’t blame me”
“If this is body wash, I’m trying to tell you something” 

The tags are approx 5cm x 4cm 

If you would like a custom set of gift tags then please let me know!

©2018 ScarboroughScribbles